Corporate Impact X: The Playbook

Tool for Impactful Corporate Innovation, Investment and Collaboration – Led by Practitioners.

Corporate Impact X is a practitioner-led project designed to support corporations in developing high impact venturing, collaboration and investment strategies. We design practical, tactical tools to help businesses start and strengthen their corporate venturing activities, and we facilitate collaborative partnerships between entrepreneurs, investors and corporations based on our experience, reputation and networks. Find out more in our report.
‘Steps to Corporate Investment, Innovation and Collaboration’

Our ambition is to create the necessary conditions where courageous corporations can collaborate on projects which will increase the supply of backable deals and supercharge their routes to market and scale.

Why the X?

X represents both the ambitious and the unknown. The challenges facing our world require extraordinary levels of innovation. And collectively we need to collaborate in new ways in our pursuit of ‘solving for x’. We don’t know exactly what this will look like, but welcome you to join us on the journey.

You can read more about Corporate Venture Capital and its alignment with Impact Investing in our report.
‘Investing Breakthrough: Corporate Venture Capital’
Our most recent report:
BEY0ND THE B1NARY – Delivering Profits and Purpose through Corporate Venturing

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